Horse-drawn Funerals

Heritage Funeral Coaches

Heritage Funeral Coaches, owned and operated by Threejays Carriages, has been a family business for over ten years. Our magnificent horse-drawn vehicles make a distinct statement. The use of a horse-drawn vehcile during a funeral service helps tell the story of a person’s life. The vehicles elicit feelings of power, grace, tradition and serenity, all the elements a person would be honored to be remembered for.

Heritage Funeral Coaches always provides service with a professional, experienced driver and a skilled assistant. We proudly provide our clients with unsurpassed customer service, professionalism and distinction. Our clients are extremely important to us. Not only do we aspire to meet your current needs, but we strive to build a relationship for the future.

We offer three unique vehicles for you to choose from with custom European ostrich feather plumes available for the horses’ heads:

The Cunningham:

An exquisite, white, eight-column hearse built in 1864 by Cunningham & Son in Rochester, New York.

The Caisson:

Heritage Funeral Coaches offers the only private, for hire, military style Caisson in Texas. Built to represent the caisson used in Arlington National Cemetery, this distinguished vehicle is reserved for military, civil service and government dignitaries. A riderless, caparisoned horse, is also available upon request.

The Victorian:

An ornate, black  Victorian-styled hearse built in 1872 in Quebec, Canada.

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